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East Coast Parasail

Why fly coach when you can fly first class with us? Experience the high-flying thrill, panoramic views and pure excitement of parasailing at the Jersey Shore! Come soar at 500' over the beautiful Atlantic Ocean in historic Cape May, New Jersey.

Our powerful USCG-certified winch boats allow you a gentle take off and landing without getting wet, unless of course, you request a "dip." Single, tandem, or triple passenger flights are available at captain's discretion (some restrictions). 

Our boats fill fast, so book your flight at the beginning of your vacation. Weather almost always plays a part in our daily operations. If weather-related rescheduling is necessary, our staff will make every effort to accommodate you during your vacation. The shore's natural high is a phone call away. It's a wonderful, safe and fun experience for the whole family.

  • 100% safety record
  • U.S. Coast Guard certified captains
  • U.S. Coast Guard 12-passenger inspected boats
  • Two locations - Cape May and Wildwood
  • We are Cape May's only parasailing company, conveniently located by the main bridge
  • Take off and land from the boat
  • Get wet or stay dry—your choice!
  • Trips depart every hour and a half
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Starting at $75.99 per person

East Coast Parasail launches from our Cape May location. Are you in Wildwood?

What's included:

  • Enjoy a boat ride along the coast of Cape May and Wildwood
  • Parasail 500 feet above the Atlantic Ocean
  • Aerial view of Cape May and Wildwood
  • Daily sightings of aquatic life
  • May choose to have a refreshing "dip" in the water

What to bring:

  • Wear a bathing suit/cover up
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel


East Coast Parasail
Phone: 609-898-UFLY (8359)


Item Price
Parasail flight (5 or older) $85.99
Parasail observer x
(non-flyer, guaranteed spot on the boat)
Photo/Video Package
Crew takes 30-40 pics and a few short videos per flight, from the vessel. The memory card that is yours to keep. (Good for up to 4 flyers)
Photo/Video Package (5 or more flyers) $35.99
GO-PRO Video Package
High definition video from the flyer’s prospective in the sky! The memory card that is yours to keep. Captures the whole flight. (Good for up to 4 flyers)
GO-PRO Video Package (5 or more flyers) $45.99
Combo Video Package
Best Deal - Package A and B combined. Both memory cards are yours to keep. Crew takes from boat you take in air with GO-PRO Selfie Stick (Good for up to 4 flyers)


  • What is parasailing?

    This exhilarating experience is a must for all thrill seekers. For those unfamiliar, parasailing allows you to effortlessly drift along hundreds of feet above the ocean, enjoying a one-of-a-kind view.

  • How do we take off and land?

    Our brand new custom built parasail boats will allow a smooth and easy takeoff and landing. Each parasailer, or tandem group of parasailers, will slowly lift off of the back of the boat with ease. You will enjoy the ride in a comfortable swing-like harness in a seated position. Each parasailer, tandem, or triple, will softly land on the back of the boat in that same sitting position. A dip in the water is optional, and recommended, but you will always take off from and land on the boat.

  • Do I have to hold on?

    No! The crew may ask you to hold on for takeoff and landing, but you are not holding yourself in the chute. The harness does all the work for you! Just sit back and relax

  • Can I fly with someone?

    Most people in most conditions can sit side by side (tandem). Restrictions apply. When asked, please be sure to tell the captain your correct weight. Weather, wind, sea, and weight of each flyer are all factors that play a part in the captain's decision on single, tandem, or triple flying.

  • Is there a price difference if two or three people fly together?

    The prices are all per person. Whether you fly with someone, or alone, the prices remain per person. We always do our best to accommodate your requests; however, safety is our number one priority. Our captains have the final say in flying order and single, tandem, and triple flights.

  • Are there any weight restrictions?

    Minimum weight to fly alone is roughly 150lbs; Not exceeding roughly 400 lbs in tandem or triple. If you have any questions or concerns about the weight of your group, just give us a call so we can work something out for you. (The captain may change these safety restrictions due to weather conditions.)

  • Is there an age requirement?

    YES. No child under 5 permitted on our boats, although participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign their liability waiver prior to boarding the vessel. The minimum weight required to parasail is roughly 150 pounds. If the flyer is less than 150 pounds, they will simply fly tandem with another parasailer, with their combined weight not to exceed roughly 400 pounds. Weight requirements may change on any given day or time due to the wind conditions. Again, safety is always our number one priority.

  • Do I need experience or be physically fit to go parasailing?

    No skills or experience is necessary. Just sit back, relax and let our experienced crew do the work to get you air born

  • May I parasail if I am pregnant?

    No one who is pregnant is allowed to board the boat. The water may be rough and parasail is considered an extreme sport. It is safer to wait til next season.

  • Do I have to get wet?

    No. The choice is yours you may get wet (take a short dip in the water) or you may stay fully dry. Should you choose to get wet (highly recommended!) the captain will bring you in for a graceful dip (usually about knee deep).

  • Do we have to be able to swim?

    No. All takeoffs and landings are done from the back of the boat, so if you don't want to get wet you won't have to! In the unlikely event of a mechanical malfunction, all participants are required to wear lifejackets while parasailing and you'll be in the safe hands of our highly trained crew. Anyone can fly—including the young, the old, and someone with special needs. We are happy to safely accommodate everyone.

  • Do we run on the beach?

    No. Forget about any of the crazy stories you may have heard. State of the art winch boat technology allows all takeoffs and landings to be hydraulically controlled, taking place from the back of the boat. Our parasail boats are United States Coast Guard inspected, and custom built specifically for parasailing.

  • Do you offer a Photo/Video of our experience?

    Yes. We offer a photo and video service from the boat utilizing Professional Cannon cameras with 300mm zoom lenses. The cost is $30 for a digital SD card with Approx. 40-50 high resolution shots and a few short videos of each flight of your entire adventure! Good up to four people , five or more just add $5.00. Take the photos home and put them on your computer to email friends or take the SD card to a local photo-shop or digital kiosk for printing, then the SD is yours to reuse! Our photographer captures the most memorable moments as you relax and enjoy the experience. We also offer GoPro video packages or a combo video package for the best deal.

  • Why should we get the photo package?

    We recommend you leave your expensive camera or phone at home and take advantage of our premium photo package. We know just when and how to get the best shots and, more importantly, anything brought on the boat will be subject to salt spray—including your camera. East Coast Parasail does not accept any responsibility for the safety and well-being of your electronic gadgets—you will come through this experience just fine, but your camera and your cell phone? Well…

  • Do you accept walk-ups? / Do you accept reservations?

    Walk ups are accepted however space is limited and we sell out frequently. Pre-purchasing tickets is recommended.

  • How do I purchase tickets?

    Call us at 1-609-898-FLY or book online at to locate available trips and purchase tickets. When calling, please be ready with your contact information, number of Flyers and observers (non-flyers), along with a credit card. Gift cards can also be used as long as they have a valid code.

  • What is East Coast Parasail's cancellation policy?

    Reservations require at least 24 hour notice of cancellation prior to departure. There are zero refunds for those who cancel within 24 hours of trips or do not show up.

  • What forms of payment are accepted?

    CASH, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American express and gift cards are gladly accepted. Payment is required at the time of purchase.

  • If I have a gift voucher, do I need a credit card?

    If you have a gift voucher which does not have an applicable code, a credit card is required to hold your seat on the boat, Failure to arrive on time with your complete party will result in the credit card being charged for the full amount.

  • What if weather is bad at the time of our reservation?

    If weather-related rescheduling is necessary, our staff will make every effort to accommodate you during your vacation. If there is inclement weather, we do not leave the dock, so try to book your reservation at the beginning of your stay!

  • Can people go on the boat and watch?

    Yes. The cost for non-flying observers is $45.99. We do accept reservations for observers (non-flyers).We are the only company that accepts reservations for observers. Parasailing is a family activity and we want everyone to enjoy it. Besides 95% of all our observers become flyers once they see it in action. We will only allow 2 observers per flyer.

  • Can my child under 5 come for the ride?

    No one under 5 is permitted on the vessel. Make child care arrangements prior to departure. There is no "Baby Swap".

    For assistance with plans, please call us to assist you with your adventure.

  • Can my dog come parasailing?

    No animals of any type are permitted aboard the vessel including therapy animals. Although we love our animals, it is safer for the staff and other passengers for all our furry friends to wait for us at home.

  • What can we bring with us?

    You may bring a towel and a plastic water bottle. If you must bring a bag, it must be a small backpack. It must be able to fit under the seating of the boat. If the bag cannot be stowed in the compartment under the seat, it must remain at the dock for the safety of the crew and other passengers moving about the vessel. NO coolers, glass bottles, smoking devices or alcoholic beverages of any type are permitted.

  • Who regulates Parasailing?

    New Jersey is one of three states in the US that regulate parasail companies with state laws. The New Jersey State Marine Police enforce N.J.S.A 12:7-34.34.49. These laws are the strictest in the industry. The New Jersey State Police, New Jersey Boat Regulation Commission, along with many top-ranked New Jersey parasail companies just improved upon and strengthened existing lawss. The state laws cover such things as weather, equipment, vessel logs, altitude, and distance to shore. So the New Jersey State Police, police us while engaged in Parasailing. We also fall under Federal Law by the United States Coast Guard. The USCG inspects and certifies all of our Vessels, Crew, and Master Captains. The Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) also regulates us because we use airspace that commercial and pleasure aircraft utilize. Lastly our A-plus insurance companies also do periodic spot safety checks. New Jersey thanks to tough state laws is the safest place to fly in the county!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Is parasailing safe?

    Parasailing accidents are extremely rare in the US. Your safety is our first priority! We have flown thousands and thousands of people and have maintained a 100% safety record since we started. All of our captains have taken and passed United States Coast Guard Captain tests, and achieved Master Captain status. All of our captains and crew are subject to random drug testing, and all receive industry-standard safety training on a regular basis.

  • What happens if the boat stops suddenly?

    Our vessels and equipment are inspected daily and they are kept to very specific mechanical standards. In the unlikely event of a mechanical malfunction, the participants are gently lowered into the water (lifejackets are mandatory) and retrieved by another vessel in our fleet immediately. Again, you are never in any danger, the absolute worst case scenario is that you get the "special dip"!

  • What happens if the line breaks?

    It is very uncommon for the line to break, but if it does, you are never in any danger. If the line should break, the parachute will slowly and gently bring the parasailers to the water. The parachute is designed to land in the water behind the parasailers, never on top of them. Your lifejackets will allow you to comfortably float and the boat will immediately pick you back up. Make sure you watch the safety video and listen to crew safety briefing. Ask questions if unsure.

  • Should I tip the crew?

    Absolutely, if you have enjoyed your trip, the crew was professional and attends to your needs. They mostly work for gratuity.

  • Where do I park?

    There are plenty of free parking spots available at the marina.

  • When are you open?

    We are open the weekend before Memorial Day to Labor Day weekend from 8am - sunset full time. After Labor Day, reservations are required for the month of September.


Sign your parasailing waiver online

To sign aWaiver by this link, the device you are using must have a camera and microphone.


All changes and cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to departure. Zero refunds are given within 24 hours of your departure.

Minimum combined weight is roughly 150lbs. Maximum weight 450lbs.

  • Minimum Age to Parasail is 5 years old. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Please arrive 20 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. There is plenty of free parking available at the marina.
  • Due to wind and weather, the weight limit and wait times may vary. Our Captains reserve the right to suspend operations or refuse service to any customer if they feel the conditions are not SAFE
  • Waivers must be completed by everyone going onboard whether as a flyer or observer

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